Who Will Remember Me

In a recent episode of the new television show "Almost Human", Dorian (a robot) asked Detective John Kennex (his human cop partner) "Who will remember me when I am gone?" Detective John Kennex replied "You’re a cop. The people you help will remember you."

For a long time, I've been asking myself the same question that Dorian asked.  Though I never considered the answer to be as simple as 'the people you help will remember you.' And the obvious truth is that this statement applies to all of us, no matter what your job is. Wether you have an entry level position in a crappy retail store or you're job allows you to travel the world, how often are you willingly sacrificing your time, your energy, or sharing your knowledge and skill for the well being of others? 

For me, the answer is never. I never sacrifice my time, my energy, or share my knowledge and skill for the well being of others. Not unless I'm getting paid to. So who will remember me when I'm gone? I guess no one will remember me.......

I have been reading a lot about the recent death of actor Paul Walker. The only "Fast and The Furious" movie I've ever seen came out about fourteen years ago. Suffice to say, I had no idea who Paul Walker was until now. But I obviously live under a rock because the rest of the world is very much aware of Paul Walker.

It so happens that Mr. Walker was a passionate and dedicated humanitarian and the founder of Reach Out Worldwide, a non-profit organization of volunteers for disaster relief. Paul Walker didn't just donate money to help people in bad situations, he was physically involved in aiding those in need. I wonder what kind of world this would be if more people lived a selfless life like Paul Walker did. 

Ha.... Imagine what kind of world this would be if high profile people like Jay-Z or Kanye West were more like Paul Walker. How much more inspired or enticed would we be to go out and show the same kindness to others? If I cared as much as Paul Walker did about the welfare of others, I wonder what kind of a person I'd be?

But how would I be able to help other people when I can barely help myself? Or maybe helping others is in fact how I help myself. Because I can't really stress out about the problems that aren't actually real problems in my life when I'm too busy servicing someone else's needs. 

I dunno..... just writing and sharing my thoughts. So I'm sorry for any typos.