The Fault in Our Stars

My grandpa smoked cigarettes most of his life. He is nearly 90 years old now. Then you hear about children like eight-year-old Lacey Holsworth, who recently passed away because of a brain tumor. As for me, I eat like I have a tape worm yet I’ve never weighed more than 110 pounds. I am about as active as one would expect a 20s-something with a dead end job to be. Is my hypoactive metabolism caused by fate, good genetics, or something I am doing? I can start eating healthy moving forward but this wont guarantee that live a longer life. Which makes me wonder if I truly am the master of my universe or is my future is controlled by the unseen part of nature.  

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What Is The Point Of Climbing Mt. Everest? Ask A Sherpa.

For a Sherpa, climbing the mountain is not recreational nor is it done for pride or for a transcendent experience. The Sherpa mountaineers risk their lives out of necessity. Scaling Mount Everest is a means for providing for their family. It is a job. During a two month period, a Sherpa guide will earn an average sum of $5000. The Napali people earn an average of $700 a year, according to The World Bank data. 

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So Much Drama And Very Little Progress

The left side of your brain is like a calculator. It figures things out. It presents a logical solution thru analyzing data. In other words, your left brain thinks, thinks, thinks, and when you’re ready to go to sleep, it continues thinking. It does not stop thinking, It does not stop analyzing.

The right side of your brain reacts on intuition. It analyzes this same data, but with the consideration of what is important to you. Your right brain is emotional and affected. This is why I cry when I watch superhero movies and why other people cry when they hold their baby for the first time. 

In most situations, we rely on our left brain to tell us what actions need to be taken. Other times, what we feel weighs so much heavier than what we know. We become dominated by our emotions. 

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7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People

Habit 1: Constantly Passive

No initiative is taken in life. Your decisions do not align with being productive. You do not hold yourself accountable for the choices you have made and their ramifications. 

Habit 2: Aspire to Nothing 

You have not discovered who you are nor can you define significance in any of your personal traits and the result is that you do not have life goals. 

Habit 3: Undertaking No Priorities

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Move, Damn it! Move!

Nothing happens until something moves.

This universal law is pretty simple and very straightforward, yet a lot of us sit idly hoping for something to happen.

I am totally guilty of spending more time thinking about the things that I would like to do or have happen in my life, rather than taking the necessary action that will almost certainly produce the result I desire. Sitting is a whole lot easier than working to accomplish a goal.  

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What Working Hard Feels Like

I have found that sometimes it is not necessarily obvious if I am working hard enough to get to where I want to be in life. Especially with the type of work that I do. 

I write, perform comedy, and play music. More than anything in the world, I would love love love to be able to do this professionally.  

So I take classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB), I try to write something new everyday, I go to the free Jams at UCB so I can perform on stage, I films videos, and work on my music technique almost everyday. But my gut is telling me that this is not enough, there is more I could be doing, and that I am not working hard enough.

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