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Move, Damn it! Move!

Nothing happens until something moves.

This universal law is pretty simple and very straightforward, yet a lot of us sit idly hoping for something to happen.

I am totally guilty of spending more time thinking about the things that I would like to do or have happen in my life, rather than taking the necessary action that will almost certainly produce the result I desire. Sitting is a whole lot easier than working to accomplish a goal.  

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What Working Hard Feels Like

I have found that sometimes it is not necessarily obvious if I am working hard enough to get to where I want to be in life. Especially with the type of work that I do. 

I write, perform comedy, and play music. More than anything in the world, I would love love love to be able to do this professionally.  

So I take classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB), I try to write something new everyday, I go to the free Jams at UCB so I can perform on stage, I films videos, and work on my music technique almost everyday. But my gut is telling me that this is not enough, there is more I could be doing, and that I am not working hard enough.

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Want To Change Your Life? Be More Like Olivia Pope, aka @kerrywashington

I don't think there are any real spoilers in this article regarding last night's episode of Scandal or any other episode, but just in case…. You have been warned. Spoiler Alert.

So I woke up this morning from my "Scandal hangover" as actress Kerry Washington likes to call it. And I was thinking how great is was to see Olivia Pope be the Olivia Pope we have seen is the last two seasons of Scandal. Frankly, in the current season of Scandal, she has not been quite the bad ass that we love to watch, but last night Liv was a total BOSS!

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Life Is Short And So Are Your Chances

The average life expectancy is between 75 and 80 years. Earth is over 3.5 billion years old. I am pretty terrible at math, but I believe that this means each person lives less than a fraction of 1 percent of the amount of time the earth has and will exist (I hope that made sense) and god forbid a tragic accident or terminal illness takes your life even sooner. Either way, life is short.

We are all aware that at some point we will, in fact cease to breath. But we are living as though we have all the time in the world when we really only have .00000025% of that time.

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Success Is Your Obligation

Everyone's idea of success is different. We all (hopefully) have our own set of goals that we wish to achieve. In order to accomplish these goals we must be actively doing something. It may take a long amount of time or it can take a short amount of time to reach a certain level of success. It can take hardly any effort or a tremendous amount of work. No matter which case maybe true, success involves taking action.

Each person lives by their own set of morales, rules, values, beliefs, restrictions, and privileges. This means that the path one must take to succeed will vary from person to person. There is no one road. 

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Follow The Fear

By definition, fear is an unpleasant emotion, the feeling of anxiety caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat to ones safety. In other words, we are concerned that the events taking place in the distant or near future will have a damaging effect. We interpret fear as something warning us to back away. Better yet, Forget Everything And Run.....the opposite direction. But how often is this kind of reaction necessary? Most of the time it is not. In fact, fear typically tends to be False Events Appearing Real. And instead of running away from it, we should run towards it.

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