What The Hell Is Your Problem?

Everyone has their own problems they have to deal with. These problems can be very much real and demand some sort of resolution. Other times, these problems are not actual problems, but rather a false idea that we have created in our mind. An imaginary obstacle that seems to have no end, no sign of escape, and no way to get around. 

We need to be able to recognize these invented problems because over time they can manifest into a real problem. Problems, real or false carry the baggage of stress. A great deal of anxiety can lead to an array of health issues and other tangible problems.

The key to identifying these conceptualized problems is detachment. This means to steps outside of yourself and let go of your judgements. Your judgements are not true of you and when you can discard them, you allow healing through objectivity.

It is difficult to remove these judgments and false ideas that are preventing us from growth when we are surrounded by so much junk that we can barely move. 

As I wrote that last sentence I remembered a scene in the Star Wars movies; Luke, Han Solo, the Princess, and Chewy are running for their lives. In the chaos, they jump into a pit full of broken equipment, mountains of scrap metal, and gross smelly water. As the walls begin to literally close in on them, they realize that they are in a trash compactor. There is so much trash that they become trapped in the middle of it. The only way to keep them from being crushed by all of the junk is to shut down the compactor from outside. 


In this scenario, the trash compactor is our brain and Luke, Han, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca are our subconscious. R2-D2 and C-3PO are our conscious self, the part of us that is removed from the internal battle. The part of us that is able to objectively observe and control a problem. 

I’ve only seen this movie once and it came out well before I was born, yet somehow my conscious mind was able to retrieve the memory of that scene and align it's symbolism with this article. 

I think our mind is like a child, it will get into trouble if we do not monitor, properly care for, and train it to build healthy habits. 

Meditating, physical activities, and activities that require me to focus on someone else are all things that have helped me identify and strip away the false problems running rampant in my mind. 

Whatever you are currently struggling with, I truly hope that you find the peace you deserve. 


*Don't be shy, leave a comment, share your thoughts. How do you deal with stress? It may inspire someone else….. or me!