Want To Change Your Life? Be More Like Olivia Pope, aka @kerrywashington

I don't think there are any real spoilers in this article regarding last night's episode of Scandal or any other episode, but just in case…. You have been warned. Spoiler Alert.

So I woke up this morning from my "Scandal hangover" as actress Kerry Washington likes to call it. And I was thinking how great is was to see Olivia Pope be the Olivia Pope we have seen is the last two seasons of Scandal. Frankly, in the current season of Scandal, she has not been quite the bad ass that we love to watch, but last night Liv was a total BOSS!

Olivia Pope is the type of character we all can learn from and use her traits to enable growth in our personal lives. 

Here is why Olivia Pope is such a great character and how taking her philosophy as your own, could actually change your life. 

Olivia Pope is brutally honest with every single person who she collides with. More importantly, she is brutally honest with herself.  This honesty stems from being self-aware.  Liv understands what she is capable of doing and what she must work harder at. But it is always doable. Problems have solutions. When Liv does not have the solution, she asks herself or her team 'what are we missing? What are we not seeing?' Find these things and there you will also find the solution. 

This character trait alone is so incredibly powerful. It is very important to be honest with yourself and know how you can be effective in certain situations. Imagine what your life would be like if you had this same mindset as Olivia Pope.

Not to mention her decisiveness. Olivia does not live in a world of what ifs and maybes, but rather what is possible in this very moment. With Olivia it is either yes or no. Stay or leave. If you leave, leave right now! 

I stood in my kitchen this morning staring at my selection of tea for a good ten minutes trying to decide which one I wanted to steep. Pssst... Liv ain’t got time for that!

Olivia does have one weakness though. Which of course is President Fitzgerald Grant. Kerry Washington is such a great actress. She does a terrific job at displaying Olivia’s internal struggle, as she attempts to remain the decisive, strong, balanced person that she is when she is not alone with Fitz. Liv fights with every ounce of who she is to say no to Fitz, yet they always end up making out in front of the big ass window in the Oval Office. 

We all have our vises.

Olivia Pope is the type of leader we should all strive to be. Despite how independent she is, Liv makes it very clear just how important her team is to her. She is not a dictator. Even though her words are as austere as a gavel to a sound block. She treats are her team (her gladiators) with respect. She patiently listens to and weighs their opinions along side her own. Liv’s compassion has transformed each of their lives. Because of this, her gladiators will always be loyal. The ones who stray, will always come back and she will accept them back (wink, wink!). When Olivia commands, they obey.  And no matter the outcome, Liv will always have their back. This is why they will always fight for her and beside her. 

Olivia’s motto for herself and her team is “We are gladiators. We fight, we slay dragons, we wipe off the blood, stitch up our wounds, and we live to fight another day. We don’t get to run.”

If you really want to change your life, effect the world, and inspire, be a gladiator. 

I watch a lot of television. It is so rare to find a character as unique as Olivia Pope, who is also a black female. Characters such as this, have a great influence on people like me. Not to mention, I have a bit of a hero complex balled up inside my soul and watching Kerry Washington be a modern day gladiator makes me feel as though I can be the same. 

We all can.