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7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People

Habit 1: Constantly Passive

No initiative is taken in life. Your decisions do not align with being productive. You do not hold yourself accountable for the choices you have made and their ramifications. 

Habit 2: Aspire to Nothing 

You have not discovered who you are nor can you define significance in any of your personal traits and the result is that you do not have life goals. 

Habit 3: Undertaking No Priorities

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Success Is Your Obligation

Everyone's idea of success is different. We all (hopefully) have our own set of goals that we wish to achieve. In order to accomplish these goals we must be actively doing something. It may take a long amount of time or it can take a short amount of time to reach a certain level of success. It can take hardly any effort or a tremendous amount of work. No matter which case maybe true, success involves taking action.

Each person lives by their own set of morales, rules, values, beliefs, restrictions, and privileges. This means that the path one must take to succeed will vary from person to person. There is no one road. 

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