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Top 10 Favorite Summer Party Songs

A song starts to play. The bass begins to impersonates each heartbeat. You're losing awareness of the people watching. The melody erupts, causing you to forget where you are, and your subconsciousness commandeers every movement. The beat bounces throughout every fiber of your body. There is a strong chance that you may be floating. Then you realize that right now, in this second of your life, everything is okay. Moments like this are rare, but hopefully this fun guide to the top 10 party songs for this summer, will help you get there!

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Dear @JonnyMuir1,

You can not tell me that my favorite song is not my favorite song just because I have not listened to every song ever recorded. You can not assume that a song is your favorite song. It either is your favorite song or it is not your favorite song. 

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