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The Secret To Success, Create It Yourself

Many of non-paid entertainers are always eager to know the secret to success. As if there is some sort of hidden ingredient in a recipe. We spend the little money we have on workshops where casting directors and talent agents tell us that what we are attempting to achieve is virtually impossible. And the only reason us wannabes are even able to sit in the same room at them is because they are being paid to share their professional industry knowledge. We listen intently and take notes hoping these professionals reveal the map for success. 

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Broad City….WHAT!

A few years ago, I was at a Cage Match at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and in between the show, Abbi and Illana came on stage and started dancing…..for a long time. I have no idea how long this went on before they actually said something. But I do remember thinking "These white girls are seriously goofy." Turns out, they were promoting Broad City the web series. I never actually checked it out. 

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Thank You Sasheer!

Sasheer Zamata just became the newest cast member of Saturday Night Live.

It's safe to say that those of us apart of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater family all agree that this is the greatest news. And for the small group of us black girls in the theater, this is incredibly inspiring. At least for me it is….

For me to believe something is possible without first seeing that it is possible, is very difficult.  And Sasheer just showed me the future. 

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