Success Is Your Obligation

Everyone's idea of success is different. We all (hopefully) have our own set of goals that we wish to achieve. In order to accomplish these goals we must be actively doing something. It may take a long amount of time or it can take a short amount of time to reach a certain level of success. It can take hardly any effort or a tremendous amount of work. No matter which case maybe true, success involves taking action.

Each person lives by their own set of morales, rules, values, beliefs, restrictions, and privileges. This means that the path one must take to succeed will vary from person to person. There is no one road. 

Here are 6 tangible steps to help you become successful.

6 Steps To Success

1. Decide what you want

Many of us want success, but a lot of times we do not know what we want to succeed in. It will be difficult deciding which road to take if we have no idea where we want to go. So figure it out!

2. Do your homework

If only there was some sort of Google Maps for our life goals. Alas we cannot just type in our goals somewhere and have the journey mapped out for us. You have to study the field. Learn as much as you can regarding this path you have chosen. 

3. Acquire the necessities

You can’t be a legit doctor without first having a medical degree. At least that is the case in America. Painters need paint supplies, musicians need an instrument to play, car mechanics need whatever people who fix cars need. Having the right tools will make achieving your goals that much more achievable.

4. Make it your Obligated

So you know where you want to go, you have a pretty good idea of what you need to do to get there, and you have the tools. Yet you roll out of bed at around noon. Spend hours on facebook and do everything else you can to avoid success. Many times we are not aware of these self-sabotaging habits. You have to view success as an obligation. For example, my goals in life are to eat Mexican food everyday, pay my bills, care for my family (it’s literally just myself), go on a Disneyland vacation, and see John Mayer perform live next week. To successfully accomplish my goals I need time and money. I don’t have a money tree and so I am obligated to take the right steps needed so that I can afford to do these things. But these are simple goals. I am certain your goals are much more meaningful. 

5. Do not give up

No matter what, please do not give up. Imagine what would happen if a team of firemen decided to stop pouring water on a blazing house. The blaze would grow larger and more than likely spread to the neighboring home, which would spread the fire to another home. The entire block would set fire and people would lose their homes. Putting out that fire is an obligation for those men and they are not going to stop until they see nothing but white smoke. 

6. Maintain your success

Okay, so the firemen extinguished the fire, I got to see John Mayer live, someone just became a doctor, and a mechanic fixed a car.  Now what? I certainly want to have the liberty of catching a John Mayer show whenever I can. To do this I will need to stay up to date with his scheduled performances, make sure I have the funds to purchase a ticket, and be able to travel to the venue. Put it like this, I can succeed at having a beautiful garden however if I want to continue to have a beautiful garden, I need to maintain it.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Mark Twain

Happy Success!