Past meets the present.

This is something I wrote when I was in high school. I remember writing it and feeling disconnected from whatever it’s meaning was.

Just a few minutes ago I came across this piece and now it makes sense. Now it feels relevant.

I wonder is my teen self unknowingly wrote this for my adult self?

:::Cue twilight zone theme music::::

"Wake up with a purpose. Fight for what you love. Give to those who need and trust me always. That is my word to you. This is your calling. This is your unmarked ticket. The answer to you questions are found in the doing of my commandments. You need nothing more than what is already surrounding you. Fear nothing but my wrath. And know that I am compassionate to those who believe in me. Your desires are noted, but it is up to you when you will receive them. Keep silent when I speak and you will know your way. Which is different from others. Do not measure yourself with your peers. This will only cause you to stumble. Be still when I call so you do not miss opportunities. Hold on to me tight so that you do not fall. You are so close, however doubt keeps you far from truth. It is okay to dream. Just do not be consumed by lies that your mind will create. Your heart is true. Listen to the beats. Each day they are fewer. Never concern yourself with what I have promised you. Those that blindly follow me are guided by their passions. You have many, but all lead to one purpose. I have given you grace in exchange for your life. Give all of it to me and that is when you will find freedom. Tonight you will rest and awake new. No longer count yourself among all, but of few. I have given you a pen, so write your life in my book. This is my word. Be still and feel me hold you. Trust me."