Note To Self

Everyday you wake up and wonder what your future will be look like. Well, this is yourself from the future. You’re thinking, “whatever dude, that’s not possible.” Trust me when I say there are so many things that seem impossible right now but are far more realistic than anyone could ever fathom. 

Everyday is a second chance to work twice as hard as you did the day before. You need to know just how close you are to a new road, a new journey. But you have to stop stopping. You get discouraged so easily. For every action, there is a reaction. The more you do, the more that happens. The more steps you take, the further you will travel. You are actually pretty good at what you do. Your ideas are funny and inspiring.  Do more. 

Everyday you worry more than you should. It is incredibly exhausting to worry all the time. It drains the little energy you have. Creativity gets placed in a corner, every time you agonize over trivial things. Your troubled mind is cluttered with junk. As you think, so shall you be. When you clean out your mind and purify your way of thinking, you’re going to go far. Like really far. 

Everyday it seems like your heart beats one less beat. But that is only because you do not see just how important you are. You feel like no cares, no one is paying attention. You can’t even remember the last time someone told you they loved you. It sucks. You are an outsider that blends in so well. You dream big, yet you feel so small. Cherish who you are. All 100,000 of those heart beats are precious and so is every thing that you do today. What you write matters. Whatever silly character you are contemplating performing matters. The songs you sing with your guitar matter. All of the stuff you create is the very definition of matter. It all matters. Never doubt that. 

Everyday you look in the mirror and see what you don’t want to be. There will come a time when you wont feel this way. It is important that you do not look for validation from other people. The biggest validation you can receive will come from yourself. Nothing is perfect and you wont always achieve the results you imagined. Right now you hate yourself for allowing that old lady run a hot comb through your hair 3 times too many. But I promise.... It will grow back. 

Note to self…. I love you.