Move, Damn it! Move!

Nothing happens until something moves.

This universal law is pretty simple and very straightforward, yet a lot of us sit idly hoping for something to happen.

I am totally guilty of spending more time thinking about the things that I would like to do or have happen in my life, rather than taking the necessary action that will almost certainly produce the result I desire. Sitting is a whole lot easier than working to accomplish a goal.  

Maybe you choose to do nothing because you are lazy and used to things being handed to you. Maybe you choose to do nothing because you are afraid. We tend to give fear more attention than it deserves. Maybe you choose to do nothing because you feel that you are lacking in something.

For a long time, I chose to do nothing because of a belief that reaching my goals required money. Once I was able to prove myself wrong, I chose to do nothing because I believed I was not good enough and that the only solution was to take more classes. After I took more classes, I chose to do nothing, because I saw other people do it better than me. Eventually I stopped comparing myself to other people but developed a fear that no one would like my work. Recently this year, I was able to get over that one. Now I am sitting in my bed doing nothing because do not have a team of people in my life to help me produce my work. 

It seems like every time I overcome an obstacle, another one is waiting for me to turn the corner. And I have these long gaps in my life where I am just sitting, staring at my todo list, and doing nothing. But I have to keep moving, we have to keep moving. Nothing happens until something moves.

Some people have never moved. Not a single step has been taking toward a goal or desire. 

Whether you are similar to me or you have never taken action in your life, you have to tell your ego to take a break. You’ll be able to make progress once you get out of your brain and get involved in the life that is happening around you. 

What you lack today may come tomorrow, but not if you are sitting around doing nothing. When we are engaged in life, life engages us back. 

I am pretty certain that once I get out of my bed and dive back into the comedy community, I will find the people I need to help me achieve my goals. 

Rather than taking a nap, make a habit of taking action.  Taking action will build your confidence, bring you a step closer to the place you want to be, and lead to other unintended opportunities. 

Action Changes Things