Keep Calm and Remember It's A Beautiful Day

Life can be so overwhelming and many times we need relief from the anxiety, the worry, the stress, and all of the mentally draining stuff that is looping over and over again in our brain. 

For the most part, I have found my guitar to be an "Aleve". It's pretty easy for me to jam away all the drama.

Several years ago my Yamaha Acoustic Electric guitar was stolen. So for a period of time, I had no source of outlet. One night while laying in my bed thinking and trying not to think at all, I suddenly felt an incredible pain in my left knee. When I touched my knee it was swollen and sore. "Oh, right. I banged my leg against my desk this morning." I remembered. Oddly enough in this moment of feeling that pain, I was relieved. For the first time all day and probably my entire week, I was able to feel something other than worry. I was so overwhelmed with doubt and anxiety but the aching in my knee somehow eradicated this. I vividly recall pressing harder and harder on my bruise and the pain was so intense, yet that pain felt so much better than all of the garbage I was carrying in my life at that time. 

I was a bit embarrassed to share this and almost deleted the article from my site, because I'm not a person who deliberately harms myself for the sake of experiencing the same relief I had that night. Self injury is obviously a terrible solution to for finding the peace we need. 

The trick to getting to a place of peace when we are submerged in chaos, is to simply not think about it. But of course simply not thinking about the problems in our life is not at all simple to do. 

What helps is being activity. Engaging in something physical. This is why I love performing so much. No time to obsess over life when I am dancing around and being goofy on stage. Not everyone is a performer though, so you have to find what is right for you. A lot of people go to the gym, walk, meditate, play a sport, or dance like no one is watching.  Finger painting is a great way to calm your nerves. It's fun and easy. You certainly don't have to be a painter. Remember how exciting it was in pre-school or elementary when the teacher busted out the paints?!  Oh and let's not forget the things we take for granted, like the sun. 

If the sun can liberate Superman when he is powerless, then it can definitely be a source of relief for us mere humans….. 😎

Chillin’ underneath a tree
Just my cat and me
No dog can disrupt our peace

Can’t tell what the clouds are trying to say
But the wind is certainly friendly today

Across the way chimes ring like bells
And the birds sing like life is well

In this crazy world, it is hard to find moments like these

Airplanes fly by like some sort of metaphor
The cat sniffs around searching for more
Then she sits and waits patiently by the door
I guess it is time to go...

Back inside the chaos attempts to invade my mind
But I am holding onto the peace I found outside
Everything will be okay as long as I remember that today is a beautiful day.
— Marcella