Inner Child

My inner child struggles to breathe
As the waves crash down upon her dreams

Attempting to swim
The rip drags her further in

Tumbling out of control
The sea wants to steal her soul

She prays for someone to come and save her
But the ocean sucks her deeper and deeper

Under she goes and begins to choke
Her heart beats with little hope

This can’t be the end me
She wants to believe

I have so much more to grow
I have so much more I need to show

From a distance, I scream 'fight inner child fight'
Don’t let this be the last moment of your life

Because without you, I won’t survive
For the sake of us, you can not die

You remind me how to be humble
You pick me up whenever I stumble

You are the reason why I create
You are all of the chances that I take 

You give with no explanation
You find the fun in every situation 

And with a spark of light
She begins to fight

Just barely there
She catches a small breathe of air

Suddenly her arm feels a tug
And with all my strength, I lift her up

Out of the water, I carry her back to shore
And promise never to neglect her anymore

Life is so tough that sometimes I forget that you’re there
But I swear to protect you no matter what, until the last breathe I bear