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Because this is the dumbest debate

I think maybe the worst to date

A man can marry a woman

But a man and another man is somehow less than

Right and wrong is no longer black and white

Rather a matter of opinion at it’s height

We fear what we can not comprehend

Force our feelings to the point of condescend

Our faith would be much stronger 

If we stood beside each other longer

It’s easy to dictate from far away

Your way of thinking would change if someone you loved was gay

Life is to be lived with whomever we choose

Denying that because of fear, is no excuse

So yeah, I think this is a dumb debate

Mexican or Asian, gay or straight

If all men are created equal

All men should be treated as equal


The refusal Gay rights is not a matter of what’s harmful for our nation, but how comfortable we feel about what gay men do behind closed doors. 

This is not about god, the inability procreate, or a child being deprived of appropriate parental guidance. It is about acceptance. We will progress a much further as human beings when we let go of our judgments towards one another. This is the biggest border holding us back.