Hidden Warrior

I don’t believe in myself anymore. Don’t trust that I can move forward

Everyone should stay away. I’ll probably ruin your day

Everything I do is wrong. I can barely write this song

Deep sadness in my eyes. All I want to do is cry

But I can’t feel anymore. I bruise myself to feel sore

The little girl inside me screams to be set free. The hostile dwarf in my head dangles the key

What once I aspired has long since retired

I try to wake from slumber, but my motivation has starved from hunger

In attempt to be positive, I have become more regressive

Searching for a savior and what I get is wasted labor

I am deep in debt and full of regret

I don’t believe in me. Flashes of mistakes are all I see

Giving up is a growing urge, but there is a tug that wont let me submerge

Not sure what it is or if it has a name. Not sure if it’s real or why it came

When I open my eyes it’s me that I see

Holding on for so long, which is why my arms look strong 

Something inside me is very much alive. Something inside me fights to survive

It’s is small and unseen. Barely audible, it sings

Maybe it’s hope, dancing in my dreams

Could be love yearning to be seen

I don’t know. I am not sure. But it has the cure

 Whatever it is, it believes in me.