Everybody Hates Me

… because I hate myself.

Sometimes when I wake up, I can not think of anything positive. I'm angry or sad and I do not know why. It's going to be "just one of those days."  Nothing will go right, my boss is a jerk (he actually is), and I'll probably have to deal with really crappy customers today. Now I don't even want to get out of bed because I know these things are true. They are true because I made them so. 

The mind is so much more powerful than we realize. A thought is more than just a thought. It is energy. This energy flows through and affects our entire body. If you are angry, it is because there is anger energy inside of you. 


Negative energy weakens you. Positive energy give you power.  This energy that is inside you will influence the things you do, what you say, the decisions you make, and sometimes even how others perceive or treat you.


Think of this energy as a beacon of light. This light/energy will attract certain things. 

I was visiting my mom who has a home is Texas. The kitchen door leads to the backyard and I kept hearing a tapping sound. Every few minutes, something would tap on the door. So I opened it. To my surprise, there were dozens of beetles flopping around at the foot of the door. Several more beetles repeatedly flew into the glass protecting the light that hung inches from the door and fell onto the gound. I shrieked like the girl that I am, slammed the door shut, and turned off the light. 

The energy you put out into the world is the same energy you will attract. That is how the universe works. 


What is on the outside of you is the same thing that is on the inside of you. People who are fun to be around have a joyful spirit. People who are kind have a loving spirit. There is joy and love inside these people. 


When you squeeze an orange, what comes out of it will always be orange juice.  If you want to be happy, you must give happiness. You want support, you must be supportive. If you want to send your mom on a vacation to the Bahamas, you need the funds to so. 


But you can not show kindness to other people if you hate yourself. You can't give away what you don't have.


This is one of the problems I had when I used to go to church. The christian church says you must tithe your income. I'd have $20 to my name and I wouldn't receive another paycheck for 7 more days. What the church fails to tell you, is that you tithe the things you have. Somewhere in the bible there is a scripture that instructs you to tithe "the produce grown from your farm." Nowhere in the bible does it say GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. If your farm has not generated income, but you have loads crops and whatever else is on a farm, then give 10% of your crops to those who need it.  

You can only give what you DO have. 


My roommate at the time had his car towed and his license suspend. He was in some deep trouble so I offered to drive him to where ever he needed to go to take care of the situation. I did not ask him for money, but to show his gratitude, that is exactly what he gave me. Maybe he knew I was broke or maybe he didn't, but he had lots of money and that is what he gave me. Lots of money. More than enough to get me through the week until my next payday. 

If you have the tools or knowledge to be helpful in another way, then that is what you give. If you are patient, then be patient with other people. 

Maybe you're going out of town and you don't won't your groceries to go bad. Give it away! 


Because when you give, the universe gives back.


So start giving something and see what the universe gives you in return.