Don't Be Afraid of The JAM

The Jam is a show at The Upright Citizens Brigade where anyone can perform!

You get placed on stage with eight to ten people whom you probably don’t know and at least two seasoned performers and you all improvise comedy scenes for about eight minutes.

Every time I go to an Improv Jam at UCB, I undoubtably meet someone who is there just to watch and “maybe next week actually perform”……. DON”T WAIT! Just put your name in the bucket and get ready to have purely satisfying fun. You will not regret it! In fact, you’ll probably feel silly for being so terrified of something that will cause you no harm whatsoever. 

I think the biggest fear comes from assuming that you are going to get up on stage with all these improv nerds who all know what they are doing and you’re just going to make a fool out of yourself by saying the wrong thing and in the end everybody will make fun of you and tell you how badly you suck.

What I love about theses jams is that everyone is incredibly supportive. You could say whatever you want and someone will always step out and support you. If it doesn’t make since, you have those seasoned performers to help you clean up the word vomit that just spewed from your mouth. 

I’ve had class shows and even practice groups where my team was too afraid stick their necks out and just go with whatever was happening. It’s awkward and discouraging. 

You will never feel that way at a jam. 

If you are timid and/ or afraid of being on stage, go to a few jams and I guarantee after little time you will be free of all the crap that prevents you from enjoying life. Seriously, it’s life altering!

As far as I know, no one has ever died at a jam and there is certainly no hazing before or afterwards.

I go to the jams because it is the only time I can perform with the amazingly funny people from the UCB house teams. 

Neil freaking Casey goes to the jams! And he is one of the smartest improvisers around. 

So don’t be afraid of the jam.