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Hindsight (Review)

If you want the 90’s back, you’ll certainly get a piece of it in “Hindsight,” a new one hour long scripted drama starring Laura Ramsey and Sarah Goldberg, which premiered on VH1 back in January. 

Becca (Ramsey) is giving marriage a second try, but is also having second thoughts about saying “I do” to her childhood friend Andy (Nick Clifford). On the eve of their wedding, Becca blacks out in a New York elevator and wakes up in the year 1995.

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Want To Change Your Life? Be More Like Olivia Pope, aka @kerrywashington

I don't think there are any real spoilers in this article regarding last night's episode of Scandal or any other episode, but just in case…. You have been warned. Spoiler Alert.

So I woke up this morning from my "Scandal hangover" as actress Kerry Washington likes to call it. And I was thinking how great is was to see Olivia Pope be the Olivia Pope we have seen is the last two seasons of Scandal. Frankly, in the current season of Scandal, she has not been quite the bad ass that we love to watch, but last night Liv was a total BOSS!

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Broad City….WHAT!

A few years ago, I was at a Cage Match at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and in between the show, Abbi and Illana came on stage and started dancing…..for a long time. I have no idea how long this went on before they actually said something. But I do remember thinking "These white girls are seriously goofy." Turns out, they were promoting Broad City the web series. I never actually checked it out. 

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Thank You Sasheer!

Sasheer Zamata just became the newest cast member of Saturday Night Live.

It's safe to say that those of us apart of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater family all agree that this is the greatest news. And for the small group of us black girls in the theater, this is incredibly inspiring. At least for me it is….

For me to believe something is possible without first seeing that it is possible, is very difficult.  And Sasheer just showed me the future. 

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