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My Friend Spied On Me With Drop Cam

It's always the quiet ones that usually catch us off guard. They overthink, contemplate, and plan everything. They are the ones you'd least expect to do anything criminal or morally wrong. The only thing worse than a shy person engaging in something heinous, is when that person turns is your friend.

Since June my friend Conor P. Holness has graciously allowed me to crash on his couch until I find a job and my own place to live. A few days ago as I was setting on the couch when I noticed something small and black in Conor’s bookshelf. 

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What Is The Point Of Climbing Mt. Everest? Ask A Sherpa.

For a Sherpa, climbing the mountain is not recreational nor is it done for pride or for a transcendent experience. The Sherpa mountaineers risk their lives out of necessity. Scaling Mount Everest is a means for providing for their family. It is a job. During a two month period, a Sherpa guide will earn an average sum of $5000. The Napali people earn an average of $700 a year, according to The World Bank data. 

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Something's Better On The Other Side

I think we all are familiar with the nagging feeling of a needed change in our lives. Some of us choose to ignore this sensation. Personally, I become very much like Gollum…. 

I lie to myself and confuse my own intuition to the point that something begins to boil inside me. When the temperature rises too high, I'm forced to make a decision. Stay and die a slow painful death or live. To live means I have to abandon my "Gollum".  Get away from the tainted version of me. 

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What Is Wrong With Us

Earlier today a man threw himself along with a 3 year old child off a building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Both died.

In Israel, a public bus had to be evacuated because a bomb was found onboard. Thank goodness someone saw the bag in time.

And apparently people are outraged that a racist homophobic man was fired from a television show for um, well….. for being a racist homophobic.

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