7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People

Habit 1: Constantly Passive

No initiative is taken in life. Your decisions do not align with being productive. You do not hold yourself accountable for the choices you have made and their ramifications. 

Habit 2: Aspire to Nothing 

You have not discovered who you are nor can you define significance in any of your personal traits and the result is that you do not have life goals. 

Habit 3: Undertaking No Priorities

You are not involved in activities that will help you discover who you are. No initiatives taken to understand your character values.  Terribly lethargic and a major procrastinator.

Habit 4: Misery Loves Company

Typically you are not surrounded by people with a long term life goal or purpose. Your relationships are not beneficial for you nor does it benefit the other person/people. Odds are, neither person will strive for success through collaborating with the other.

Habit 5: Give Little and Receive Little

You make little to no attempts to be influenced by the people in your life. There is no genuine interest in their priorities and in return, they do not seek to be influenced by you. In a team situation, problem solving can be difficult.

Habit 6: Going Solo

Unable to identify and combine the strengths of people to create positive teamwork, and achieve goals that no single person can do on their own. (My current struggle)

Habit 7: Given Up

Incapable of sustaining a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Odds are you are physically unfit and need to change your way of thinking. You have low energy and poorly managed resources.