Dear @JonnyMuir1,

You can not tell me that my favorite song is not my favorite song just because I have not listened to every song ever recorded. You can not assume that a song is your favorite song. It either is your favorite song or it is not your favorite song. 

Your article is kind of ridiculous. But we are all entitled to our own opinions. I obviously have some strong opposing feelings and opinions regarding what you wrote.

I worked in an apple store for 4 years and from my experience, anyone with more than 1000 songs on their iPod or iPhone was typically a musician or music enthusiast. Most people only buy songs they truly truly like. So the people who actually pay for their music probably won’t have an average of 7000 songs. Cause’ that shits expensive. 

Music isn’t a numbers game. You don’t have to listen to 30 billion songs just to find one song you relate to and connect with. Since 2005 I have been waking up to the same song everyday. I own 50 GB of music (own as in purchased), none of which evoke the same emotion that I feel during the 6 minutes and 7 seconds of this one song that plays for me each morning. 

Many times we find music thru an experience. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and you hear a song that reminds you of something. Or you’re dancing with random strangers, yet you’re having more fun in that moment than you’ve had in years. Music is powerful and inspirational in different times in our lives.

Yeah, you can browse thru 30 billion songs on iTunes or Spotify and I guarantee what you find will not affect you the same as it would if it had found its way into your soul during a significant moment in your life. 

There is a lot of great music out there that most of us will never get to listen to. No one is selling themselves short by not attempting to find every song known to mankind. 

I think your article bothered me because I listen to a lot of music. Music inspires most of what I do. I have a soundtrack for many of the great/not so great moments in my life and I did not go searching for songs to attach to these moments. I guess I don’t like being told that I am wrong for liking what I like, simply because I have not experienced all there is to experience. So what. I’ll also probably never get to visit all of the world’s greatest beaches. But I live near one super amazing beach and I’m okay with that.

If there is something that you enjoy, maybe you should embrace it. Rather than denying it a place in your life, be happy that it is there to begin with. 

I used to spend my Fridays searching thru iTunes to find awesome songs to buy. I’d also download the free iTunes Single that is promoted every Tuesday. I’ve certainly discovered some amazing songs by doing this. However it still does not compare to the music that reveals itself when I’m barely listening. 

Also, who has time to sit there and scroll thru 30 billion songs? Just allow the music to come to you organically. 

If I can discover wonderful music just from watching a shitty movie like Twilight, then I certainly do not need to spend hours in a record store listening to each catalog of songs. 

End rant.....

In case anyone is interested, the article I am referencing is: