Thank You Sasheer!

Sasheer Zamata just became the newest cast member of Saturday Night Live.

It's safe to say that those of us apart of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater family all agree that this is the greatest news. And for the small group of us black girls in the theater, this is incredibly inspiring. At least for me it is….

For me to believe something is possible without first seeing that it is possible, is very difficult.  And Sasheer just showed me the future. 

 Sasheer Zamata

 Sasheer Zamata

Up until last November I was a theater tech intern for UCB. Basically, I operated the lights, sound, music, microphone queues, and other random things for a show in the Chelsea theater. I did this for in exchange for free classes at UCB.

I worked one show every Wednesday night called School Night.  Sasheer was the host of School Night. I was pretty terrified during my first month, because all of the performers at the theater intimidate me for some reason. Turns out, that like most of the top performers at UCB, Sasheer is pretty cool.

So once a week for about 10 months straight, I got to watch Sasheer try out new standup material and redo old stuff. I listened to her off topic tangents and her opinionated rants.  Oh and once she sang a parody song while doing some weird thing with several cups…..Sasheer is good at what she does.

 Every School Night I'd ask her what her week was like. Her answer varied a bit. One week she'd have over a handful of auditions. Another week she was filming a bunch of sketches or performing standup at other comedy theaters in the city. Then there was also the number of shows she was in each week at UCB. Suffice to say, she stayed busy. Then she'd ask me what I did during the week and I'd be like "Um, I started rewatching Alias on Netflix and I finally learned to play this John Mayer song on my guitar that's only taken me my entire life to learn" 

Even in my short burst of motivation to work as hard as Sheer, I've never quite believed that I could be remotely successful in the world of comedy because I don't know anyone similar to me (young, black, female with a name that is not normal)  that has actually found anything close success. Until now….. 

I'm pretty grateful that I got to see first hand just what it takes to achieve your dreams. This is all the inspiration I need. This is the motivation I need to keep going.

Seeing Sasheer week after week, doing what it takes to ultimately get to this point in her life and career, well…. it's pretty freaking mind blowing. 

So THANK YOU Sheer for busting your ass, living your dreams, and showing me that is it possible for people like us to be noticed without having to compromise our integrity.  

Yah! We did it!