Hey Justin Bieber! You Should Go To Africa.

Because I am sick of having to crawl through your feces just to find some legit news to read.

You are clearly a product of your environment. A straight-up tool. You are an adult behaving like a spoiled over privileged baby. Where are your parents, by the way?


Our society is tainted because of people like you. You fart and it's all of a sudden, the biggest news ever. You are a social media terrorist.  I know more about you than I honestly care to. You and Kanye West should be placed on a deserted island together. 

No doubt, the influences around you are great. Which makes it ten-times harder to live a normal life. However, most of us feel no sympathy for you because you have a sufficiently functioning brain that allows you to make the right choices. Yet you make poor choices.

What I have gathered is that you are not a drug addict, you are not an alcoholic, and you suffer from no mental illness. You are simply a fame junkie.  But your stock is losing share holders.

You do what you can to get attention, but the world cares less and less.

I truly hope that at some point in your life, you do something that is actually news worthy. For the sake of your own life, I hope that you stop being immature and reckless. For the kids that look up to you, I hope you can be an inspiration. 

Despite how popular you are, regardless of the fact that a lot of people still like and purchase your music, for some reason, you seem to be setting yourself up for failure. 

So maybe you should go to Africa and visit the countries where people are still fighting for their freedom, where women are criminally charged if they become rape victims, and where children are kidnapped and sold into domestic servitude.

Hey Justin Bieber, you have the opportunity to be something that is good in a world where there is so much bad…. And I hope that you soon realize this.