Broad City….WHAT!

K. So, I just watched the series premier of Broad City, which now airs on Comedy Central every Wednesday at 10:30pm. This is some pretty hilarious shit (sorry) Abbi and Illana have going on here!

A few years ago, I was at a Cage Match at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and in between the show, Abbi and Illana came on stage and started dancing…..for a long time. I have no idea how long this went on before they actually said something. But I do remember thinking "These white girls are seriously goofy." Turns out, they were promoting Broad City the web series. I never actually checked it out. 

Abbi and Illana also performed Broad City live at UCB once a month. I worked on the show that started just a few minutes after Broad City ended. Over the course of about nine months, I watched their grow bigger and louder.

Everyone was always leaning forward out of their seat with a massive grin on their face, waiting for the next funny moment. 


The energy was insanely wild, from the performers to the people in the audience that had to stand in the back. You could probably drop a bucket on someones head and they would not have noticed because they were too busy laughing uncontrollably. 

Everyone was having so much fun that the show usually ran longer than intended.  And when it was finally over, Abbi and Illana would walk back stage with that very familiar look actors have after a long performance. Dazed and swollen with adrenaline. 

Fast forward to now. With the help of Amy Poehler, the girls were able to bring all of that goofiness combined with intelligent writing, and produce a television show. As I was watching the pilot episode of Broad City on Comedy Central, there is great moment that involves Fred Armisen and I found myself throwing my head back, laughing out loud, and clapping my hands together..... then I remembered all those people that I saw in the audience watching Broad City live at UCB. 

My opinion is completely meaningless, but if you are reading this right now and you have not watched Broad City on Comedy Central, you should definitely invest 30 minutes of your time to check it out. If you like comedy and enjoy being well entertained, this show will give you just that.

Congratulations Abbi Jacobson and Illana Glazer!