Something's Better On The Other Side

I think we all are familiar with the nagging feeling of a needed change in our lives. Some of us choose to ignore this sensation. Personally, I become very much like Gollum…. 

I lie to myself and confuse my own intuition to the point that something begins to boil inside me. When the temperature rises too high, I'm forced to make a decision. Stay and die a slow painful death or live. To live means I have to abandon my "Gollum".  Get away from the tainted version of me. 

The only way I know how to let go of self-mutilating habits, the only way I know how to grow, the only way I know how to open my eyes to an obvious truth in front of me is to go somewhere I've never been. 

Putting myself in an unfamiliar territory requires an adjustment of my normal way of thinking. I'm forced to comprehend things that don't make sense and align with that which I'm not used to. It's working muscles rarely used and using muscles I never knew existed. Employing these dormant muscles revealed all kinds of possibilities I had never considered before.  

Down a hidden flight of stairs led me to dangerously rising tide and a trek up a dark path brought me to a beautiful mountain top with an unfathomable view that a blind man would kill to see. 

When you change the way you think, you change the things you do. When you do something you've never done, often times we feel fear. Let go of the fear and allow your senses to guide you. This is how we bring ourselves back to life. I think this is how we grow.

Four weeks ago I reached my boiling point. Two weeks ago I boarded a plane to Spain. Yesterday I returned. Today I woke up and my dreams were higher. Right now, my ambition is renewed.