What Is Wrong With Us

Earlier today a man threw himself along with a 3 year old child off a building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Both died.

In Israel, a public bus had to be evacuated because a bomb was found onboard. Thank goodness someone saw the bag in time.

And apparently people are outraged that a racist homophobic man was fired from a television show for um, well….. for being a racist homophobic.

I can not wrap my head around any of this. More than anything I am frustrated. Frustrated by all of the sadness, violence, hatred, and death. Like a lot of people, I have become numb to the news. There is too much bad in the world to pay attention to. So why care?

But that is exactly the problem. Not enough of us care anymore to fight for what is morally right.

I don't feel like I have a voice. I'm pretty sure nothing I say or do will matter. Which will be a true statement, until it's not.

But what about the people who do have a voice? Where are they? They tweet, blog, and Instagram about things that don't matter. Things that are mere distractions to the rest of us who are not sure what to do with our lives or don't know how to spend our time being productive.

Since I was child, I've always had incredibly demonic dreams. In these dreams I am always fighting to save the lives of a group of people. For a month now, it has only been a single person that I am trying so desperately to save [in my dreams]. I have no idea what any of that means, but all I know is that maybe it's time I removed myself from the sidelines. 

Rather than asking "What is wrong with us", maybe I should start trying to figure out how to save us…..