Waiting For Life

The other day someone's Facebook status read "Anyone else feel like they're waiting for their life to start?"  

3000% yes. I am totally waiting for my life to start. And why am I waiting? I can not think of a rational reason as to why I am waiting. It's like, if I get in the driver's seat of a car, the car won't start on it's own and it certainly wont drive me to where I need to go without me pressing down the acceleration pedal and turning the wheel. Obviously. Right?

I think life is the same way. We are sitting in the driver's seat waiting for love to roll by, hoping for that opportunity to appear, glancing out the window for direction. 

Hmm, direction. That just struck a chord. It's possible I have no idea for where I am going. And so that's why I am sitting. Patiently waiting. But I have to start moving if I want to see the signs that will lead me to a place. 

The solution seems so clear. But yet here I am.....still waiting. 

It doesn't make sense to expect to go somewhere when we are not moving.