13 Reasons Why James Franco is my Soulmate

1. We are both Californians.

He is from Pal Alto and I am from Long Beach.  😎


2. James volunteers for the Art of Elysium. This is a charity for children dealing with life threatening health conditions. 

I volunteer at the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. 

3. He is a paid actor

I want to be a paid actor. 


4. He taught at NYU.

NYU was the only college I had any interest in attending when I was a high school senior. When I got my NYU rejection letter, I was so sad that I wrote a poem and mailed it to the Admissions office. To my surprise, the Admissions office wrote back letting me know that they decided to reconsider my application. Then I got a third letter, rejecting me a second time....😭Still hurts NYU, it still hurts. 

5. He has a PHD (in something)

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a doctor. I'd eat McDonalds while watching the ER channel. 

6. James Franco's mom was an actress. 

My mom was on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers once.

7. When he was a kid, he was arrested for committing stupid crimes that kids commit. 

The LAPD held me at gun point......I was literally sleeping in my room when this occurred. 

8. The first paid acting gig James booked was dancing as Elvis Presley in a commercial. 

My first paid acting gig was dancing as Chip and Dale at Disneyland. I then went on to play famous roles such as Jessie from Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, several of the Seven Dwarfs, and a bunch of other random characters. But my favorite was always the Penguin from Mary Poppins.


 9. James is published writer. 

I'm not published, but I do write a ton of sketches. However, the NAACP sent me on a free trip to Florida for a poem I wrote when I was a kid. I also got to attend a free Lord Of The Rings premier screening because of an essay I wrote in high school. 

10. Daddy is the name of James Franco's band.

I'm still searching for people to jam with, but I play guitar and a little piano.


11. He is a painter.

I've always had this natural ability to draw. In middle school, I won tickets to a Warren G. concert and got to meet Tiffani Thiessen because of something I painted in middle school.

12. He is rumored to gay because he spends more time doing what makes him happy, rather than dating a bunch of hollywood chicks.

I'm not a promiscuous and I'd rather play John Mayer songs on my guitar than go on awkward dates, so clearly I'm a lesbian.

13. And lastly, James Franco has this most amazing smile. 

And so do I........ 😄