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Comedian and Writer.

My Constants

Tormented by everything I surround myself with
A constant reminder of all the things I neglect 

I wait everyday for tiny a bit of inspiration
But all I get are lists of more obligations

Anxiety whispers in my ear late into the night
Tossing and turning, no position feels right

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Inner Child

My inner child struggles to breathe
As the waves crash down upon her dreams

Attempting to swim
The rip drags her further in

Tumbling out of control
The sea wants to steal her soul

She prays for someone to come and save her
But the ocean sucks her deeper and deeper

Under she goes and begins to choke
Her heart beats with little hope

This can’t be the end me
She wants to believe

I have so much more to grow
I have so much more I need to show

From a distance, I scream 'fight inner child fight'
Don’t let this be the last moment of your life

Because without you, I won’t survive
For the sake of us, you can not die

You remind me how to be humble
You pick me up whenever I stumble

You are the reason why I create
You are all of the chances that I take 

You give with no explanation
You find the fun in every situation 

And with a spark of light
She begins to fight

Just barely there
She catches a small breathe of air

Suddenly her arm feels a tug
And with all my strength, I lift her up

Out of the water, I carry her back to shore
And promise never to neglect her anymore

Life is so tough that sometimes I forget that you’re there
But I swear to protect you no matter what, until the last breathe I bear

Hindsight (Review)

If you want the 90’s back, you’ll certainly get a piece of it in “Hindsight,” a new one hour long scripted drama starring Laura Ramsey and Sarah Goldberg, which premiered on VH1 back in January. 

Becca (Ramsey) is giving marriage a second try, but is also having second thoughts about saying “I do” to her childhood friend Andy (Nick Clifford). On the eve of their wedding, Becca blacks out in a New York elevator and wakes up in the year 1995.

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My Friend Spied On Me With Drop Cam

It's always the quiet ones that usually catch us off guard. They overthink, contemplate, and plan everything. They are the ones you'd least expect to do anything criminal or morally wrong. The only thing worse than a shy person engaging in something heinous, is when that person turns is your friend.

Since June my friend Conor P. Holness has graciously allowed me to crash on his couch until I find a job and my own place to live. A few days ago as I was setting on the couch when I noticed something small and black in Conor’s bookshelf. 

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Top 10 Favorite Summer Party Songs

A song starts to play. The bass begins to impersonates each heartbeat. You're losing awareness of the people watching. The melody erupts, causing you to forget where you are, and your subconsciousness commandeers every movement. The beat bounces throughout every fiber of your body. There is a strong chance that you may be floating. Then you realize that right now, in this second of your life, everything is okay. Moments like this are rare, but hopefully this fun guide to the top 10 party songs for this summer, will help you get there!

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The Secret To Success, Create It Yourself

Many of non-paid entertainers are always eager to know the secret to success. As if there is some sort of hidden ingredient in a recipe. We spend the little money we have on workshops where casting directors and talent agents tell us that what we are attempting to achieve is virtually impossible. And the only reason us wannabes are even able to sit in the same room at them is because they are being paid to share their professional industry knowledge. We listen intently and take notes hoping these professionals reveal the map for success. 

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Godzilla (2014)

What an unexpectedly endearing display of the anti-hero king of monsters otherwise known as Godzilla. I believe most fans of the the Godzilla franchise will agree that director, Gareth Edwards took what was once utterly laughable, and crafted a stunning tale of what it means to let go and allow nature to take its course. 

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Everybody Hates Me

… because I hate myself.

Sometimes when I wake up, I can not think of anything positive. I'm angry or sad and I do not know why. It's going to be "just one of those days."  Nothing will go right, my boss is a jerk (he actually is), and I'll probably have to deal with really crappy customers today. Now I don't even want to get out of bed because I know these things are true. They are true because I made them so. 

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